Dachshund Dash

If you want to get someone’s attention, forget about whispering and opt for taking a miniature dachshund for a walk. As the proud owner of a feisty but quite cute member of that particular breed, I find myself the center of attention whenever we trot our way to the park for a couple of laps around the walking path. 

Today’s absolutely gorgeous sunny, breezy weather demanded taking time out from the daily grind to wander around a bit.  I decided to get some exercise and encourage the wonder dachshund to get some too.  Plus, he could use a little walking on the street to wear down those talons he sports thanks to his owner’s squeamishness about cutting his nails.

We visited first with a little boy about three.  His grandfather guided him on how to approach a dog, and I made sure mine was on his best behavior.  The boy did a great job and seemed quite pleased with himself once he’d made actual contact.  His grandfather and I chatted about the weather and the boy’s reluctance around dogs.  Evidently, my ten-pound version didn’t pose quite the threat some others do.

At the park, we kept to ourselves a bit since the trail hosted a variety of dogs this evening.  The dachshund is small but mighty and doesn’t always play well with others.  He’s pretty fearless thanks to his interactions with our two Labrador retrievers.  While we didn’t linger to chat, I did enjoy watching parents with young children at the playground and felt inspired by a few intrepid joggers–not inspired enough to actually do any jogging, but impressed nonetheless.

By time for the second lap, I could tell I wasn’t the only one getting a workout. Fortunately, I did not have a need to join in the panting that was coming from a few inches off the turf.  But, I decided we’d call it good once we completed that lap.  We dallied a bit to talk to another set of boys who we passed playing in their yard.  They told me all about their golden retriever and marvelled at the dachshund’s diminutive size.  A bit older than the first boy, they didn’t have to be told about letting the dog sniff their hands before trying to pet him.  They also participated in an unannounced dachshund rescue opportunity when they broke away to chase a long-haired version of my dog back toward his owner.  The escape dachshund evidently thought that he’d rather take his chances with his clearly peeved owner than face two small people running at him.

By the time we got home, I’d managed to clock in a little over half an hour of brisk walking–not bad for an unplanned opportunity.  Plus, I have one tired puppy on my hands.  He’s spending the evening curled up beside me, quite happy for a quite evening. I may even be able to launch a stealth nail clipping attack!


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