Been A Long Time

I’ve been a bad blogger this month.   Lack of inspiration coupled with a bit of business travel and more than a bit of work for my graduate classes this semester seem to have done me in.  Fortunately, I now find myself faced with a weekend that involves absolutely no required writing, freeing me up to do a little writing for fun.

And, in fact, tonight appears to be the calm before the storm, so I should have plenty of material for the remainder of the weekend.

  • DD1 ran her last track meet of the season this afternoon and tonight.  We’re awaiting her arrival home to learn of the results.
  • DD2 took off soon after school to continue preparations for her first school dance.  Last night, I corralled several 8th-grade girls at the nail salon while they indulged in pedicures and manicures.  Tonight I turned it over to one of the other moms who is hosting the actual “getting ready” event as well as the post-dance slumber party.  I can’t wait to see all the photos when DD2 arrives home tomorrow.
  • Sunday Adventure Guy and I will host kid birthday party number 40 of our parenting career.  It’s paintball for soon-to-be-eleven-year-old Soccer Boy and nine of his closest friends, complete with Baskin Robbins ice cream cake, which I’ll admit is a personal favorite of my own.

But, before all that, I’m going to enjoy my opportunity to watch a little television, finally get some spring flowers planted, go to the gym, and do a little reading that has nothing to do with strategic planning, school finance, or community relations–all without feeling the least bit guilty about the things I “should” be doing.  It’s been a long time since I’ve given myself permission to do that, and I plan to enjoy every minute of it!



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2 responses to “Been A Long Time

  1. Darci Dembroski

    I like the new blog format… and flower header 😀

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