Life seems to be what happens when you’re not busy blogging about it. At least these days, I’ve seemed to have plenty to do but little that compels me to write. 

So, without further ado, what I’ve been up to this month…

In a strange twist of business and educational fates, I’m in the midst of initiating my district’s strategic planning cycle while concurrently taking a course for my graduate degree on Financial and Strategic Planning.  I’ve found the juxtaposition of what research indicates I should do and what my own experience leads me to do interesting.  Less interesting are the seemingly endless 20-page writing projects for this class, which is in an online format.  I can’t say I’ve enjoyed that delivery method in the way my professor interprets it, which involves very little actual interaction. 

In other work news, I traveled to Washington, D.C., to present at a conference.  Highlights involved arriving in time to actually see the cherry blossoms, a goal I’ve had for a while but failed to achieve on previous April trips to the same conference.  The downside was not planning ahead enough to catch up with some local friends for dinner.  Fortunately, though I traveled alone this year, I’ve made plenty of friends through my involvement with the sponsoring organization over the years to have plenty of people to hang out with during the off hours.

When not researching, writing, or travelling, I’ve managed to work in a little time for more relaxing pursuits. Words with Friends rocks, and, for the record, I do lead the series between Adventure Guy and me.  The return of Glee made my television viewing schedule complete again.  I’m still enjoying Flash Forward and The Pacific as well, plus I’m putting the Kindle I received as a birthday present in March to good use.



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  1. Marcia

    What did you think of Committed? I loved Eat, Pray, Love but have been dragging my feet on this one because its a topic I don’t think I would really relate to like I did her first book. My situation is much like yours, I think—-long-term, happy marriage with no regrets and minimal worries or concerns going into it.

    • LSM

      I liked it, admittedly not as much as I liked Eat, Pray, Love, but I found it a quick, interesting read. I had some of the same reservations as you do regarding the follow-up and whether I would relate to it or not. It’s worth checking out.

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