Since I’ve Been Gone

I looked up and realized I’ve just spent the last nine hours working on my lit review for a class I’m taking this semester.  It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re reading about something as exciting as strategic planning. 

Well, not really.  But I’ve procrastinated about as long as I possibly can without risking a missed due date for this assignment.  Ironically, part of what I’ve been doing instead of writing a lit review about strategic planning is actually organizing a major strategic planning event for All-American Public Schools.  The good news is that another part of this course involves writing a paper on applying the research, so I have a head start on that. 

My other methods of procrastination have been a bit more fun.  DD2 and I kicked off the weekend with a Friday expedition to the mall.  I continue to be so impressed with DD2’s sense of style and her eye for color and proportion.  If I were brave enough to post pictures of myself at thirteen the fact that she did not inherit those traits from me would become clear.  But, I have refined my own skills over time, which led to both DD2 and me leaving the mall with wardrobes a few items richer.  She found the elusive denim capris and shorts that are age appropriate for a teen who still wears children’s sizes, and I found a great skirt (on sale, no less) and cardigan that will work both for Easter and the office. 

We arrived home in time for Adventure Guy and me to head over to a nearby restaurant for dinner on our own.  We nabbed a place in the bar to avoid the wait and soon found ourselves watching March Madness games over fajitas and our favorite martinis.  We even managed to cement our place in the world of geeks by playing Words With Friends on our iPhones while waiting for dessert (cheesecake–yum!).  And, yes, we were playing against each other.

Saturday flew by, and without a post, though I’d planned to work that in. Thanks to the dogs waking me up,  I followed through with my plans to try out a new class at the gym.  It’s a mixed dance methods class which incorporates Latin, Hip Hop, and Middle Eastern styles.  I loved it, and the time flew by.  It beat 45 minutes on the treadmill hands down.  The class also immediately precedes Pilates, which makes for a nice combination of cardio and toning.

After the gym, I hit the grocery store to stock up for Saturday night’s party we hosted for our Sunday School class.  We had seven couples get together for game night, and, as usual, the Glorious Mess taco salad recipe was a hit with the group.  Try it out if you have a crowd to feed.

And that brings us to today, which can be summed up by church, laundry (I made 75 cents in the process!), caffeine, and research.  After all that, I think I’m actually ready for Monday.


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