Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday

I’m hoping the bonus points received for not cancelling my training sessions this week due to Spring Break offset the eating tour of Suburbia conducted this week in honor of my birthday.  What started off as a few of my favorite petit fours from my hometown bakery over the weekend, morphed into eating Tex Mex, bootlegging in some pepperoni rolls for Adventure Guy and me, and not one but three celebratory dinners complete with drinks and dessert.

Oh, and did I mention the cake my coworkers bought for me yesterday?  Fortunately, I did manage to limit myself to one piece of that before delivering the leftovers to the break room!

It’s hard to complain about having lots of people who want to celebrate with you.  So I won’t.  But let’s just say it’s time to get serious about watching my weight.  It’s bound to get warm around here sometime soon, so I’m thinking wrap sweaters and comfy jeans are likely on their way out in lieu of t-shirts and shorts.  I’m going to miss those desserts!


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