Blogging Alternatives

I almost wrote a post several times in the last week…almost.  And then I couldn’t figure out how to start again, how to fill in the gap between my last post and the one that would follow it.  And then Harriet came along and asked just the right question.

So, without further ado, here’s what I’ve been doing instead of blogging.

  • Packing up my entire office in preparation for our big move last weekend
  • Acquiring all the necessary paperwork to send DD1 off on a cruise with a friend and her family for Spring Break
  • Freezing at DD1’s track meet prior to her departure on said cruise
  • Driving to Texas and back to drop off the younger kids for a stay with my parents
  • Realizing Adventure Guy and I would be emptynesters for four nights
  • Plotting which restaurants to partake of during those four nights
  •  Eating petit fours from my favorite hometown bakery
  • Buying DD2 a new bikini in honor of a potential trip to the indoor water park
  • Swearing to quit eating petit fours after seeing DD2 in a bikini
  • Splitting molten lava cake and bread pudding with Best Friend in honor of our birthdays rather than eating petit fours
  • Realizing this does not advance the “looking good in a swimsuit” cause
  • Being thankful I didn’t cancel my sessions with my trainer using Spring Break as an excuse
  • Catching up on back episodes of Weeds, Numbers, and House, and looking forward to watching The Pacific.
  • Unpacking most, but far from all,  of my things in my new office

But other than that, it’s been pretty quiet around here.  What have you been doing?


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One response to “Blogging Alternatives

  1. Let’s see – reading more than ever as you know from my own blog posts 🙂

    NOT volunteering on any boards (yay!) & therefore keeping up with my weekly work out sessions.

    Monitoring homework more than ever.

    Learning about wrestling.

    Keeping the house more organized than is typical though I also realized this week that there were three things I had on my winter break to do list that are still not done!

    Driving older son to his probation/DUI classes twice a week (because that man *will* have his license back before his little brother starts driving!!)

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