Who Could Ask For Anything More?

In an attempt to lift the rather somber mood of this blog lately and  “accentuate the positive” as the old song goes, I’ll list some things that have gone right lately.

  • DD1 ran a personal best time in the mile at her track meet Friday, the meet she wasn’t supposed to be allowed to run since she missed practice with strep throat earlier in the week.  A last-minute cancellation and her forward thinking in packing her uniform and shoes in her bag meant the day spent hanging out at the track wasn’t wasted time.
  • Soccer Boy’s parent conference came complete with bragging from both his teachers about his work ethic and sense of humor, things that will likely serve him better in the long run than anything else he’s learning in 5th grade.
  • DD2 volunteered to help her brother with his social studies project and guided him to a great finished product with limited parental input.
  • Soccer season is on in a big way.  Coach Adventure Guy and Soccer Boy celebrated a 7-0 opening day win on day when the weather belied the early-March date on the calendar.  Yea for watching early spring soccer without coats and blankets!
  • Adventure Guy and I found ourselves sans both kids and commitments on Friday night, giving us the opportunity to pop over to a nice neighborhood restaurant we hadn’t frequented for a while.
  • Today the whole family attended the annual high school musical and left amazed once again at the level of talent displayed. 
  • One more week until Spring Break!

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