Thursday’s Child Is Full Of Woe

I remain unconvinced that today is Thursday.  I deserve a weekend by now. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure tomorrow morning is going to feel exactly like a work day when that alarm goes off.  My lack of temporal awareness stems from the fact that the kids have tomorrow off for parent/teacher conferences and the fact that I spent the afternoon at home with DD2, the second victim this week of the strep infection that appears to be making the rounds.  Fortunately, doctors pull the antibiotics trigger much faster when you show up in their office two days after another child has a positive strep test.  DD1 is bitter, however, over the fact that she got a shot, and DD2 did not. Hopefully, the rest marauding bacteria will spare the rest of the family. 

My goal now is to put this week behind me.  It’s been craptastic in a number of ways I can’t go in to in this forum.  So, I’m retreating via my new Kindle (reading The Book Thief) and my ongoing quest to best everyone on Words With Friends..  It’s working for me so far, and, after all even if I do have to work tomorrow, it is Friday, and in my mind that’s always a good thing.


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