On A Lighter Note

I’m working hard to blow away the storm clouds that seem to have taken up residence here in Suburbia.  Good things this weekend include the fact that I’m currently charging my new Kindle, received as an early birthday gift from my mother-in-law and actually finishing one of my grad classes thanks to a professor who believes in concluding the work when the weekend commitments end rather than assigning post-class papers or projects.  As I said on Twitter yesterday, 3 more hours down, 50 or so left to go!  But, wait, I’m focusing on the positive.

So…on to shoes.  I realized I hadn’t updated on my January and February selections for my monthly shoe gift certificate splurge.  The choices represent two ends of the spectrum–the classic black pump and the trendy ankle boot. 

The Classic

Replacing my worn-out black dress shoes proved to be challenging.  It’s easy to find pumps with peep toes or in patent leather or suede. It is not easy to find closed toe, leather pumps that don’t look like your grandmother left them behind after a visit.  And, while I understand it’s now acceptable to wear peep toe shoes with tights, I’m struggling with that fashion concept.  So, when I spotted the shoes above, I knew I had to snap them up. 

The trendy

But then I had to put practicality aside and grab these boots.  I love them, and I’m amazed at how many outfits they pair nicely with considering their pattern.  They really make a pair of grey flannel pants and a cream sweater look like something special.  I also like them with jeans and my grey long cardigan. I’ve gotten tons of compliments on these and have worn them at least once a week, another surprising development since I wasn’t totally sure how I’d use them when I picked them out.

I don’t know what I’ll do when I my year of gift certificates runs out and I don’t have a nice excuse for shoe shopping on a monthly basis.  But, I’ll probably be using 6pm.com even more often.  Check out their bargains for $25 or less! I’ll be updating on my recent acquisitions from there as soon as they arrive!


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