Moving Forward Using All My Breath

The housekeepers’ comment as I surprised them with my presence this morning?  “Oh, I guess you’re not feeling well today.”

I’m trying not to take that personally and can totally understand the supposition, considering I’m rarely home when they come to clean.  And, maybe the fact that I’m wearing yoga pants, a t-shirt, and my favorite wrap, plus sporting a less-than-polished hairdo along with my glasses.  But, I’m not sick.  I’m on vacation, having decided the day between my evening class and the day-long Saturday class provided the perfect opportunity to participate in our district’s voluntary furlough program.  Yes, I’m on vacation, but not paid vacation–fitting for a week that’s involved plenty of drama over at the state legislature over school funding and the budget for the upcoming year.

This week brought rollercoaster experiences and events.  The highs included a great Mexican-themed night out with my Junior League dinner group (the best part about sustaining membership–all of the fun, none of the work), the reception marking the closing of our current administration building, and a meeting with the architects regarding the new math and science building slated to take the place of our offices.  It’s a weird experience closing a building that meant a lot to the old-timers who showed up to reminisce about the days they spent teaching there during its days as a school while simultaneously looking to the future of the site.

The lows?  More devastating news about the prognosis for one of our friends from Sunday School who recently received a cancer diagnosis, a close colleague coping with her brother’s own fight with cancer, ongoing budget woes with bad news coming out of the state legislature regarding future funding, and news that my car not only needs $1500 worth of repairs but that also the part needs to be ordered so repairs may take a week to ten days.

Lately, the punches just keep on coming.  I have to hang on to the highs to get me through the work week, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.  But tonight, DD1 and her friends–with Adventure Guy’s help as adult sponsor–do their part to punch cancer back by participating in the high school’s annual Relay for Life.  And, though tomorrow will be a long day, it marks the end of one of my classes this semester.  Plus, it didn’t snow as previously predicted, and there’s a bit of actual sunshine peeking out of the clouds here and there.  I’m just hoping that it’s a precursor of the light at the end of the tunnel that’s sure to come soon.

P. S. My chicken enchiladas were a hit at that dinner party I mentioned.  Check out the recipe here.  Also, one of the other ladies brought Emeril’s Sangria.  I highly recommend it!


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  1. Oh, thanks for putting that song in my head 🙂 Modern English in all their 80s glory.

    “You’ve seen the difference and it’s getting better all the time.”


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