I’ve Got Class

In the continually evolving world that is my doctoral program, the school has developed yet another class schedule for our weekends.  Now– rather than going to class for two weekends on Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday afternoon–we go on Thursday night and all day Saturday for three weekends.  Overall, I much prefer this schedule.  I particularly prefer it when snowstorms cause us to miss a full weekend, and the professor kindly allows us to make up the time via online work.

But, even with the reprieve of a couple of weeks ago, eventually we have to show up and put in some class time.   Eventually came last Thursday night and today.  The topic?  Politics in Educational Administration, something I’m well-versed in on the practical front but enjoying learning a bit more about in the theoretical realm.  It’s also nice that one of the best professors in the program teaches this class and that it’s a good group of students.  If I have to spend nine hours on a Saturday sitting in class, it’s a plus to enjoy it.

But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thrilled when 6:00 p.m. rolled around.  And even more thrilled when I walked through the door and found that the cupcake-baking urge had overcome DD2 while I was out.  Adventure Guy arrived shortly after that with dinner, and a couple of cupcakes, some pizza, and a Red Bull martini later, I’m a happy girl!


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