Hallmark Hates Me

So I hear there’s something special going on this weekend.  Something that involves cards, flowers, candy, and expensive dinners out.  And, possibly here in Suburbia, a quick trip to run a marathon.

Yes, Adventure Guy may be spending the supposed most romantic day of the year running a marathon out of state.  Or maybe not, he’s still up in the air about the whole thing.  But the fact that he’s even considering it tells you something about how highly I rate Valentine’s Day.

I’m not a big fan.  Now, I’m all for expressions of love and appreciation.  I’m just not so sold on scheduled expressions of love and appreciation.  Valentine’s Day seems forced–“Be in love.  Or else.”  “Have a wonderful, romantic evening, even if it costs a fortune and you have to eat at 5:30 p.m. because you didn’t think to make reservations a month ago.”

I can’t remember the last time Adventure Guy and I formally celebrated the holiday.  Typically, we just exchange cards.  Since I haven’t purchased any this year, I’m thinking of suggesting we forgo that as well this time around, though I’ll have to assure Adventure Guy that I really won’t suddenly be mad if we don’t do anything to mark the day.

But I’d rather not make such a big deal about one day when what’s more important to me are the day to day little moments that help me understand Adventure Guy’s love for me.  Like tonight when we slipped away to grab dinner alone at our favorite Thai place while the kids went to youth group.  We don’t always get the opportunity to sit and talk over a glass of wine and some good food, especially without the usual interruptions that come along with family dinners, nice though those are. 

Even nicer?  We made it home at least an hour prior to the kids, giving us time and quiet to get started on a movie–Saint Ralph, which I highly recommend so far and for which I’m going to sign off so that I can devote my full attention to viewing.


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  1. Marcia

    They hate me too. We stopped buying cards for each other years ago……neither of us have ever been card-savers, and neither of us particularly get anything at all out of Hallmark sentiments so we decided to stop wasting our money. I do still get cards for the kids, mostly as something to put the money in, which is what they are really looking for 🙂

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