Knocking Opportunity

More than once I’ve told my mother, a speech language pathologist, that some day I’ll have people calling me up and offering me jobs the way she often does.  Until last week, it never actually happened.

And then, it did.  A recruiter contacted me regarding a position that immediately intrigued me. Our initial conversation led to another with the hiring manager.  Who shared that I had exactly the qualifications she was looking for–looking for in New York City. 

My first reaction went something like this…

Then I did a little research.  Thanks to some advice from a friend regarding New York-area suburbs and my mad skills, I was able to make some good cost-of-living comparisons between our current location and potential relocation areas.  I talked things over with Adventure Guy, and we set a salary range that spanned from “take it immediately” to “think about it” to “better luck next time.” 

And this morning, I opted for answer number three.  The great thing about not looking for a job is the ability to make sure you really want the one that’s offered.  And, I still think the job is a great opportunity, especially for someone who already lives in the New York area, and I’d definitely consider an offer from the company if it involved working in this region of the country.

But stepping outside of my own interest in the work involved, I had to factor in what my taking such a position would mean for the other four people I live with, not to mention the respective extended families.  And although if the offer had come in along the category one range, I’ll admit I might have prioritized financial security over some of the other considerations,  I can’t say I regret that the decision came easy for me.  Because there are some things that can’t be quantified in terms of salaries and benefits.  Benefits such as having the opportunity to spend one’s entire school career in one place and then come home from college to that same place, of  going into high school with the same best friend you made in preschool, of sledding, playing soccer, and building forts with the boys you’ve known forever.  It’s those benefits I’m giving my kids this week and for the foreseeable future. 

And that seems to add up to just the right number for now.



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2 responses to “Knocking Opportunity

  1. Darci

    Wow, I had a moment of excitement thinking you might be moving to MY state. 😀 But I understand your thought process and probably would’ve come to the same conclusion…. life’s too short to comprimise some of the things you mentioned.

  2. Mary

    You have your priorities right — what’s more important than your peeps.

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