The Little Things

Okay, so there some things at work don’t live up to the “all bad, all the time” vibe of my last post.  One of the amenities I enjoy since I office on the same campus as the high school is access to the teacher’s cafeteria.  Yes, that is a good thing.  All-American Schools works hard to provide tasty, healthy meals, and it’s hard to beat plate lunch prices.  Plus they offer a great salad, soup, and potato bar daily.

Really, I don’t take enough advantage of the offerings available just a few yards from my desk.  But today, thanks to back-to-back meetings, I had just enough time to run over, rather than going out to pick something up. 

I entered the cafeteria, stealthily glancing about the room to determine if needed to take a more circuitous route to avoid subjecting DD1 to the utter humiliation brought on by having one’s mother show up in the high school cafeteria.  All looked good on that front, so I proceeded on into the teacher’s area, stopping just long enough to give a student who I caught mid pants lift a hard time about needing to play him the Pants on the Ground video.

And then I discovered a beautiful thing.  Yes.  It was steak finger day–complete with homemade rolls and mashed potatoes with cream gravy.  Comfort food just in time to help during a week when I had a dire need for at least something to be comforting!

And it got even better tonight when I picked up DD1 from youth group. 

DD1: “Hey, I saw you today, but you didn’t see me.  Weren’t you talking to A?” 

LSM: “Oh, ya.  I was on my way to get lunch, and then I was so excited because…”


My work here is done.


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  1. Marcia

    DH & DD4 are also enjoying their new school cafeteria. Neither HRA nor Canterbury had one at all, so it has been a treat to have a school chef, salad bar, even breakfast prepared for teachers. Its rather pricey for DD4, but DH gets 1/2 price. And another benefit is they put out an email to teachers if they have leftovers and then its first-come, first-served to buy them for clearance prices and take home. Yesterday, DH brought home a spinach quiche for dinner that he got for $3. Sausage gumbo is another favorite and DD4 likes the BBQ chicken wings.

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