Weekend Update

Adventure Guy took off for his annual bird hunt with the guys on Thursday night and returned tonight in the early evening. Just a few years ago, I would have counted the hours until his return, having wrangled three small children on my own for a long weekend.

It’s amazing how a few years change things. While, certainly, I missed Adventure Guy, the challenges of this weekend paled in comparison to those early days of parenthood. Though, I’d like to know what the statistical likelihood of the only two absolute commitments we had this weekend occurring at exactly the same time.

Yes, both DD1 and DD2 had to be at events that started at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday. Fortunately, I arranged for DD2 to ride with a friend so that I could drop off DD1 and then get to the dance competition for DD2 in time to see her perform. Then, I made a mad dash to pick up DD1, managing to get there only a few minutes late. All before running back over to the competition to pick up DD2 and her friends.

At that point, I decided I’d like to stay home for the rest of the weekend. That didn’t quite happen, but I did my best. We stayed home last night, eating tacos for dinner and making cupcakes for dessert. I caught up on my backlog of DVR’d shows since last week proved to be a no-time-for-tv sort of week.

Today brought a little more excitement with church this morning, followed by lunch with the girls while Soccer Boy participated in his tween group church activity this afternoon. Finally, it was off on a round of errands in preparation for DD1’s sweet sixteen party in a couple of weeks.

And then Adventure Guy came home and took me to dinner.  And now we’re all snuggled up with the kids and the dogs watching the Golden Globes together. What more could I ask? Well, what more except for a long weekend, which everyone else in my family has. I’ll be more than a little bitter when that alarm goes off tomorrow!


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