In Praise of the Full Slip and Shopping In Your Closet

I’ve been doing a little post-holiday shopping.  Actually, quite a bit of post-holiday shopping. But, I promise, it was all on sale–think how much money I’ve saved! I’ve felt a little at loose ends since my favorite regional boutique closed.  I could always depend on them for classic, yet fashionable work pieces. 

I purchased several things from, as I mentioned before.  I’m loving their sale right now as well as the ability to shop by body measurements rather than by size.  To meet the full-disclosure requirements of the blogosphere, I’m less-than-happy to report that I have not been paid to endorse myshape, nor have I received any free clothes to try out.  I’d be happy to do so, however (hint, hint

One of the items that arrived in my recent order pushed the limits on what I typically wear…

I find I’m usually more of a “separates” kind of girl who reserves dresses for really dressing up. The more casual dress, especially in winter, is new for me. But, I like the look, and I can even get away with wearing this one to work toward the end of the week when things tend to get more casual. But, as you might can see from the picture, this dress is not a heavy gauge knit.

Upon trying it on, I realized I needed a slip. And not just any slip, but a full slip. Which I have not owned since I was a child.Let’s face it. One of the benefits of wearing pants most of the time is the lack of need for such underpinnings as slips and pantyhose. Though on a sidenote, I’d like to sing the praises of Spanx tights. I have the brown/black reversible pair, and they are a great, substantial weight and actually comfortable to wear–really!

But I digress. Back to the slip. I ordered this one in black, and it arrived today. It is nothing like the old slips I remember. It feels great on, and it does amazing things. Things like smooth everything out and make them flow better.

Inspired by how it made the sweater dress look, I pulled a little-worn black wrap dress out of the back of my closet, dusted it off (really!) and slipped it on.  After seeing little rotation into the wardrobe lineup because of how the fact that it was a bit on the clingy side and made me feel self-conscious, this dress is now on my “must-wear” list for next week.  Who knew?

Once I rediscovered the dress, I was on a roll.  I’ve been wondering what to wear to a couple of upcoming events. Due to the aforementioned plethora of after-holiday shopping, I really didn’t want to buy any additional new things for either event–first DD1’s Sweet Sixteen birthday party, and second the Heart Ball benefit for the American Heart Association, where DD1 is a “sweetheart.”

And, now, I don’t have to.  I’ll be pairing a black and cream lace tank shirt from my high school reunion in ’06 with the black wrap I bought with one of my shoe store gift certificates and the new Rock Revival jeans from myshape for the party.  For the Heart Ball, which has a western theme, I’ll be wearing my black suede skirt, my ubiquitous black sleeveless tank, and the new turquoise jacket I acquired (yes, again in the myshape order).  Throw in the black cowboy boots and some turquoise jewelry, and I’m set!
Now granted, I know I bought several of these items within the last month, but I’m pretty pleased with myself for coming up with new combinations.  I don’t spend nearly enough time shopping in the place with the best prices around…my own closet!



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3 responses to “In Praise of the Full Slip and Shopping In Your Closet

  1. There are brown/black reversible tights? I think I need to find some.

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