Like, Oh My God!

I learned that today was National Delurking Day while checking Twitter and email in the McDonald’s parking lot.  I live an exciting life. 

Unfortunately, I could do nothing with this important information at the time, considering that I have not located a successful blogging app for the trusty iPhone.  Feel free to give me suggestions when you comment in honor of the auspicious occasion.

For those who are unfamiliar, National Delurking Day is the day on which people who read but rarely or never comment drop in and say hello.  So, if you’ve come across this on your way to locate yummy meals to take to new moms, write a William Carlos Williams parody, find a picture of a Jason mask, or learn what  Junior League is really like (yes, those are my top posts here in Suburbia!), take just a moment and let me know you’ve been here.

It will make me feel a lot better about almost missing this thing entirely this year.



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3 responses to “Like, Oh My God!

  1. The day has come and gone, but I’ll still say, “hi.” Hi!

  2. I recommend wordpress’ own free ap. I haven’t used it much, since I usually have my laptop and that’s much easier to type on. But it appears to work.

  3. Oh fer heaven’s sake – I usually take part in that one too!! I think I’ve been too bogged down with other stuff to pay attention to blogging days.

    Anyway – yes, wordpress for the iphone. I posted a bit from it in DC. It’s free.

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