What’s For Dinner?

One of my unofficial New Year’s resolutions involves cooking dinner on a more regular basis and eating out less in general.  Last week, we made good strides in that department, though some gnashing of teeth could be heard from the children who insisted we had nothing to eat around the house and surely should pick something up instead.

The crockpot got a workout as I made pot roast and beef stew.  In an effort to get away from all beef, all the time, I also made some Cajun tilapia midweek.  But later, Adventure Guy whipped up a pot of chili, which made great leftovers for Frito pie later in the weekend, and I finished out with baked ziti tonight. We would have had roast chicken at some point, except for the fact that I have a mental block about getting it out of the freezer. 

Next week’s goal–get through a week of multiple evening meetings without backtracking toward serving too much fast food on the run.  I have meetings Monday and Tuesday night for work and book club on Thursday.  The kids have youth group on Wednesday night, and Adventure Guy leaves for an annual pheasant hunting trip with the guys Thursday and will be gone all weekend.  To combat all that, I’ve picked up some things that the girls can make on their own, and we’ve stockpiled some leftovers from this weekend. Tacos are definitely on the horizon here in Suburbia.

But, I’m looking for menu ideas as well.  We seem to be in a bit of a rut.  What are your favorite “go to” weeknight meals?


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  1. Rachel

    Do you have a rice cooker? Risotto, and rice and beans are both stand-bys, if not very exciting ones.

    Costco’s frozen, marinated salmon is also quite good. Even without the convenient packaging, salmon steaks with rice and a microwaved veg are quick and fairly fool-proof.

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