Baby It’s Cold Outside

There’s a reason I never considered living any further north than Suburbia, a decidedly “lower mid-west” locale.  I’m a warm weather girl.  And right now, it is not warm.  In fact, it’s very, very cold.  Maybe I’ll have to consider moving to Florida–except for the fact that I just watched a video online of iguanas there literally falling out of trees because of a cold-induced coma of sorts.  Evidently, it’s cold there too. And at least here, I don’t have to worry about kamikaze iguanas.

Our Christmas Eve snowfall still graces the ground outside (another unheard of thing around here–three weeks of temperatures so cold that snow won’t melt).  I’ve learned to do a better job of layering my clothes, and I now see the allure of Ugg boots and their fleecy lining. Fortunately, DD1 owns a pair that fit me, and she’s willing to share.  I don’t think I’ll actually buy a pair of my own because I can’t quite get over the fact that I find them inherently unattractive.  But warm.  Did I mention warm?

This weekend, my primary goal involves recreating as closely as possible the conditions of my recent holiday break.  Those conditions involve sitting on my bed with a snuggly dachshund while reading good books and catching up on my social networking via the laptop.  I did take time out from those worthwhile activities to take the girls to a musical downtown today, and I suppose we’ll venture out tomorrow morning for church. 

The forecast says warmer days are on the way.  It can’t come soon enough for me!


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