The Eyes Have It

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’m far from adverse to indulging in a bit of pampering here and there.  I love getting massages, and I get my share of pedicures.  I’ve even tried out artificial nails a couple of times and sprung for some microdermabrasion treatments. My biggest splurge is the personal trainer I see twice a week. 

But the latest trend to hit Suburbia leaves me a bit  befuddled.  One of the anchor stores in the latest in a chain of seemingly endless strip malls popping up all over town is an eyelash salon.  At first, I didn’t understand what they actually did there.  Of course, I’ve heard of eyelash tinting, but I couldn’t figure out how that could support an entire business.  Maybe they did waxing too?

And, yes, they do.  But the primary business is semi-permanent lash extensions.  Just like artificial nails, these extensions not only require an initial investment but also a “refill” process every six to eight weeks.  A year’s worth of service runs over $2,000. 

I’m amazed in this economy how many women are investing that kind of money on their eyelashes.  Though I admit after a while, my fake nails sort of got to me just because of their inherent fakeness, the primary reason I quit having them done involved the cost of the upkeep.  And that cost came nowhere near $2,000 per year.

So, what’s the lure?  Do you know anyone who’s made the fake eyelash leap?  Have you?



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2 responses to “The Eyes Have It

  1. I get a little resentful when I run out of department store mascara. I can’t imagine spending that kind of money for lash extensions.

  2. lewis1212

    I don’t even wear mascara on my real lashes. I never quite figured out the appeal.

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