Things I’m Loving In 2010

Yes, I’m aware we’re only one day in to the new year.  But I’ve had a fabulous, relaxing break filled with relatively little holiday-related stress.  I worked hard at not working so hard this year, and I like the results.

My pleasant frame of mind lends itself toward thinking about what I’ve enjoyed over the last two weeks.  In no particular order

  • Cooking.  Tonight Adventure Guy and I successfully shared the kitchen, something we don’t always do well.  I cooked up the traditional New Year’s Day black-eyed peas and cornbread while he made venison poppers with jalapenos and cream cheese.  In a little while, I’ll make room for dessert, leftover from our contribution to last night’s pot luck New Year’s Eve party at Best Friend’s house.
  • Sleeping.  I am going to have to detox after literally days of sleeping in.  We’ve committed to getting up before ten tomorrow morning and also going to church on Sunday, so hopefully that will help alleviate the shock of Monday morning’s wake-up call.
  • Shopping.  Though Adventure Guy proved to be the big winner on our trip to the mall this afternoon, I’ve managed to find a few things during after Christmas sales, both online and in stores.  My favorite is a grey long belted cardigan–so cozy and comfortable but fashionable at the same time.  I got a steal on some new brown suede boots that I can’t wait to receive in the mail, and I discovered  I’m awaiting my first order from the site right now, but what I love is that once I put in my measurements, the site identified items that would work well with my body type and also allows for “sizeless” shopping.  This option compares the garment measurements to the shopper’s measurements and selects the correct size. 
  • Reading.  I’m catching up on my backlog of books.  The downside of social media for me is the time it takes away from one of my favorite hobbies.  I’ve read 23 books this year, which represents a fairly significant decrease as compared to last year.  Two recent reads I’ve truly enjoyed are The Help, by Kathryn Stockett and The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley.  Both of these  books deserve more  in-depth discussion, but, trust me, you should read them.
  • New blog.  Well, it’s new to me, even if this blogger has been writing for quite some time.  Sally McGraw’s Already Pretty takes on body image issues while recommending practical ways to dress to your best features. 
  • Movies. It’s Complicated, Up in the Air, Inglourious Basterds, and The Informant, plus a New Year’s Eve viewing of The Hangover.
  • Snuggly dogs.  Most of my reading, blogging, and movie viewing came complete with one miniature dachshund warming my feet and one labrador retriever snuggled up beside me.  They’re great companions for all the above-mentioned leisure activities.

I hope all of you have an equally relaxing and enjoyable remainder of the holiday season!



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3 responses to “Things I’m Loving In 2010

  1. Glad you’ve had the opportunity to de-stress and hope it’s a cue for the remainder of your 2010.

    I cooked up my first batch of black-eyed peas ever today (i feel the need to brag all over the place, like tying my shoes for the first time or losing a tooth). Even though cooking is a lot like following through a protocol in the lab, I’m still amazed when I end up with something edible. So, yay, for lucky peas! 🙂

    I see everyone tweeting about The Hangover. It’s really that good, eh? Guess I should give it a go.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    • LSM

      Glad your black-eyed peas turned out well. I’ve got those down, but I also managed to do a decent french toast this break, a dish which for some reason seems to be my nemesis! And, yes, you should definitely rent The Hangover. It’s a classic…a not to be viewed around kids classic, but a classic nonetheless.

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