Christmas Report, Part I

Around here, we like to celebrate Christmas the old-fashioned way, over twelve days.  Well, perhaps not quite twelve days, but our festivities have literally only just begun. 

Last night we braved the blizzard (I actually found it humorous to be under a blizzard warning for the first time ever) to go to the six o’clock Christmas Eve service.  The church cancelled the eleven o’clock service, even before the six o’clock one began.  We likely wouldn’t have braved the weather, but we had agreed to serve as the Advent candle lighters/readers for part of the service, and I didn’t want to fall down on the job. I believe the 76 (DD2 counted) people in attendance were duly impressed with my reading skills and the rest of the family’s candle lighting abilities.

Once we returned from church, we dug into our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of beef fondue, twice-baked potatoes, broccoli and rice casserole, and pan rolls.  After dinner, the kids and Adventure Guy settled in for the traditional viewing of It’s A Wonderful Life while I prepared for breakfast, also traditional.  Sense a theme here?

The kids managed to roll into bed somewhere around 11:30 p.m., and fortunately we are well past the need to physically construct any of the gifts on Christmas Eve.  Adventure Guy and I sorted, placed the gifts out in the living room, and made it to bed a little after midnight.

We actually had to wake the kids up this morning.  We aimed for ten o’clock so that we’d have plenty of time to check out the presents, eat, and relax before getting ready to go to Adventure Guy’s family’s house at one.  The plan worked nicely, if I do say so myself, managing a balance between excitement and relaxation. The kids even fit a round of sledding in prior to getting ready for their grandmother’s house.

Soccer Boy’s favorite gifts seemed to be his seven harmonica set and his new soccer bag.  DD1 will reap the benefits of her Christmas and birthday presents in March when she goes on a cruise with one of her friends.  She did receive a few things today.  I think the polka dot rain boots got the best reviews.  DD2 loved her Juicy sweat suit.  I loved that I found a version that has the logo on the side rather than across the rear.  There has to be a line somewhere!

The kids and I got Adventure Guy some marathoning books and a gift  certificate to his favorite running store.  My gift to him was also hobby related–heated boots for hunting and other outdoor activities.  Adventure Guy and the kids gave me a new piece to add to my Department 56 collection, and Adventure Guy also subsidized my next round of personal training sessions.  That’s a gift that evokes some interesting reactions from others.  “My husband gave me personal training sessions for Christmas.” “Oh, uh, really?”  “Yes, I asked for them.” “Oh, okay.  That’s great!”

I assume it would be a negative to receive unsolicited personal training sessions!

But one thing that was not at all negative was Adventure Guy’s later surprise.  At his mom’s house, another small box materialized, holding a new pair of diamond stud earrings for me.  I have to admit I felt quite undeserving of this gift, considering they are a replacement for a pair I lost one of a couple of years ago.  That does not stop me from being very excited about this pair, however.

Now that we’re finished with Christmas celebrations one and two, we’re headed to Texas tomorrow to see my side of the family.  My siblings and their families will join us, and we’ll see the extended side of my mom’s family on the 28th.

So, now, I’m off to pack.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day!


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