Christmas Quiz

My friend, Christina, over at Trees, Flowers, and Birds, in addition to showing off some enviable pictures of her daily commute along the beach, posed some Christmas questions yesterday.

I’m just now getting around to catching up on all the posts in my Google reader considering that today is my first official day of vacation!  I spent yesterday giving myself the best possible gift–a clean office.  This semester at work proved to be even more hectic than usual, a situation which served to enable my natural tendencies toward piling things up rather than putting them away.  (Don’t tell my children…they might tell me, “If you’d put things away in the first place, it wouldn’t be such a chore to clean up.”)  But, by the end of the work day, those piles had met their maker (or at least the file cabinet). 

The knowledge that I’ll return to a neat, organized office–one where I can see the top of the desk, no less–undoubtably led to my ability to thoroughly enjoy this first day of vacation. I’ve slept in, started a new book, The Help, which I can tell already that I’m going to love, found some new blogs to read and caught up on the ones I’ve been reading, and eaten homemade toffee.  Is there more to life?

And, now, for the official Christmas Quiz update…

  • Are you done shopping for gifts?
  • Yes, except for the fruit, candy, and perhaps a couple of small gift cards for stocking stuffers.

  • Do you go Christmas caroling or do carolers come by your place?
  • Neither.

  • Does Santa wrap gifts or just leave them under the tree as is?
  • Santa does not wrap gifts.  Evidently, when Adventure Guy grew up, his Santa had more time on his hands than did the Santa at my house.  However, my Santa won out when it came time to establish the Christmas traditions here in Suburbia.

  • Does Santa put together anything that needs assembly?
  • Yes, obviously the elves would not leave such details unattended to.

  • What is the latest Santa’s Elves were up completing such assembly?
  • This is where it comes in handy to have an elf with an engineering degree on site.  I can’t remember ever having to stay up super late.  It’s been several years since we had any toys needing assembly.

    So, how are your Christmas preparations coming along?


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