Christmas Countdown

The Christmas preparations are well underway here in Suburbia, though I’m embarrassed to admit we still lack a Christmas tree for the living room.  I’m hoping we find a decent one when we hit the tree lot tomorrow night.

Adventure Guy and Soccer Boy took off for the wilds of Texas to do some deer hunting this weekend, leaving the girls and me to finish Christmas shopping and get the requisite holiday manicures and pedicures.  DD1 and I went for the pedicures while DD2, who has the best nails of the bunch, decided to show them off with a manicure.  The nail salon even gave me a little bottle of sour apple schnapps to go.  Who could ask for more?

After our nail trip, I ran a few more errands of my own and finished my shopping!  Now, the hard part, not buying “just one more little thing.”  I will have to do some stocking shopping over the next couple of days, but all the primary gifts are not only purchased but also wrapped and ready to go.

While I wrapped, DD2 made the first batch of holly clusters for the season.  She couldn’t wait until we get to her grandmother’s for the first taste of this family tradition.  I’ll make another batch of divinity since we’ve managed to eat the first batch, and we also bought supplies last night for a round of sugar cookie making.  That will happen next week once I’m finished with work–making them any sooner means we won’t have any left to take with us to our various Christmas celebrations.

And, now, I’m going to suspend the preparations so that I can do a little relaxing.  Because, ultimately, that’s what the holidays should be all about!


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