Wrapping Up Christmas

Cranberry Chutney

There’s something so homey about canning.  I rarely make the effort outside this time of year, which also lends a Christmasy aspect to this particular activity for me.

Making Mimi’s cranberry chutney officially ranks as a tradition here in Suburbia, considering it’s been an annual occurence for a number of years now.  It’s perfect for my officemates–a nice way to mark the holiday without spending a lot of money on something that people really don’t want.  In the past, I’ve used it as teacher gifts, too, but I bought Soccer Boy’s teachers poinsettias for their rooms this year (courtesy of DD2’s fundraiser!). 

Speaking of DD2, she’s busily prettying up my jars with gift tags and curling ribbon.  I love her creative side!


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  1. I’ve done Mimi’s chutney a couple of times, though I switched to mini-loaves of cranberry bread this year. One of DH’s colleagues asked about the chutney. Maybe next year.

    For other jarred gifts, I’ve done chocolate fudge sauce and split pea soup mix over the past couple of years.

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