The Tree’s The Thing

Hello, my name is LSM, and I do not have a Christmas tree.  Well, I sort of have three Christmas trees–the kids’ tree in the game room, a small tree in the foyer, and a smaller tree out on the front  porch.  The tree upstairs is up and has lights–half of which seem to be working.  The kids haven’t gotten around to decorating it.  The tree on the porch has lights that work.  Unfortunately, there’s something wrong with the plug out there, so they don’t work in the current location.  There’s nothing actually wrong with the tree in the foyer.  It has white lights and a bow on top.  I sometimes remember to turn it on.

But, there’s a big gap in our holiday decorations.  A live-tree-shaped gap in the formal living room.  There are wrapped presents stacked in the corner, but no tree for them to be lovingly placed under. 

We are Christmas tree purists.  We get a live tree each and every year, proving our devotion to tradition and the constant picking up of evergreen needles.  I harbor a secret wish for an artificial tree (though my experience with the bargain tree in the game room leads me to believe this may be a case of “the tree is always greener on the other side of the store’ syndrome”).  My children and even Adventure Guy won’t hear of such sacrilege.  It’s a live tree or nothing for us!

Except right now, it’s nothing because we’ve been so busy lately we can’t find a time for all of us to both get to a tree lot and then participate in decorating the fruits of that labor.  For now, we’ve decided we’ll attempt a trip on Sunday evening.  Wish us luck!



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3 responses to “The Tree’s The Thing

  1. Darci

    Yep, seems to get harder each year as the kids get older and involved in more activities of their own.

    By the way, you aren’t a true “purist” unless you go to the field and cut your own down on a subzero day and haul it through the woods and then try to balance it on top of the van while tying it down “securely” 😀 This is our tradition each year.

    Best Wishes on Sunday!

  2. We always got real trees, too, until this year. No time. We got a cheap pre-lit one at Lowes and I was amazed how quick and clean it was to put up. My kids were appalled but are just going to have to deal with it this year. I hope to go back to getting a live one next year and put the artificial one on my screened porch, along with my surplus ornaments.

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