Be Back Soon

I am on a deadline.  Our book club meets Tuesday night.  Not only do I need to make an appetizer (we’re having a Christmas party rather than dining in a restaurant this month), but I need to finish the book.

Though it took me a bit to get really involved in this month’s selection, the action definitely picks up toward the end.  I’m hoping to finish it tonight.  I understand from my fellow club members that the ending is quite good, which inspires me even more in my efforts to finish so that it won’t be ruined for me.

More details to come!



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2 responses to “Be Back Soon

  1. I really liked parts of this book, but boy, he could have used an editor.

    • LSM

      Having now finished the book, I couldn’t agree more. I got lost at times in the ins and outs of the dual plot lines. I’m wondering if some of that came from reading it in translation.

      Anyway, I’m glad I read it and particularly glad I finished before tomorrow nigt’s discussion.

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