Beautiful Music

After an extremely mild November, winter arrived in full-force earlier this week.  DD1 and I shivered our way into the high school auditorium tonight for the annual holiday concert, an event which showcases all the district’s orchestra group from the beginning 6th graders all the way to the select chamber orchestra.

I’m always amazed both at what the youngest students are able to do after only one semester of preparation and the level of accomplishment the older students achieve with a few years of instruction.  Each group played two to three pieces, some classical, some holiday-themed.

DD1’s concert orchestra group played three pieces, my favorite of which was Hatikvah (The Hope)Israel’s national anthem.  John Williams arranged the version they played tonight for the movie Munich.  Her group also performed Trauer Symphony Movement 4 by Haydn and Hungarian Dance No. 4 by Brahms.   

As much as I enjoyed watching my own cellist play, I have to admit my favorite part of the evening came when the chamber orchestra ended with White Christmas, complete with falling snow and a sing along as a reprise.  It inspired the audience and had me venturing back out into the cold, clear night, my earlier chill replaced by a warm sense of hopefulness.


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