Conspiracy Theory

First, I didn’t go to a single Black Friday sales event.  Second, I don’t intend to waste time I owe my employer tomorrow by shopping on the Internet while at work.  Third, Adventure Guy and I officially decided to forego our annual New Year’s Day open house this year.

What could explain this? It must be a conspiracy against holiday cheer!

In fact, it is a conspiracy.  One I only recently learned of but haven’t been able to stop thinking about.  It’s the Advent Conspiracy, a movement that encourages us, during this season of Advent, to

  • Worship Fully
  • Spend Less
  • Give More
  • Love All

As the result of my efforts to make Christmas “perfect” for my family, and let’s face it, for myself, I’ve found the last few years’ celebrations to be less joyful than they should have been.  In the end, all the stress, all the hours of time and hundreds of dollars didn’t create the perfect Christmas, leaving me feeling a little empty inside at a time of year that’s all about fullness.  Fullness of spirit, fullness of family.

It’s not surprising that the idea of simplifying appealed to me this year.  But simplifying doesn’t mean I don’t intend to celebrate.  In fact, I hope that the simplification will help me focus on what’s worth celebrating–the opportunity to spend time with people I love and do things that make memories.  To say yes, rather than no.  To put off some of the supposed “musts” to partake in the things that make lasting memories for me and the people I love.

Since this is the first Sunday of Advent, it seems appropriate to honor the occasion by thinking about what preparation for Christmas should look like rather than what it often does look like–people screaming at each other as they grab whatever “bargain” the big box store flaunts in order to draw in shoppers.  As we move toward Christmas, I’ll report on how I’m doing and how Christmas looks and hopefully feels a bit different this year in Suburbia.



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4 responses to “Conspiracy Theory

  1. Loved your post. I’m excited to hear how this season goes for you!

  2. I did not Black Friday shopping either! So, your not the only one!

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