The Agony of Defeat

I would have signed on earlier tonight to complete my Thanksgiving Day update, but I found myself too busy screaming at eleven guys running around on a field to tear myself away from the television.

The Texas A & M/University of Texas (or as we Aggies like to call them t.u.) game is as much a part of my family’s Thanksgiving tradition as the turkey.  I grew up tuning in with my Aggie dad and carried on the legacy as a student in the 80s (where I must point out Adventure Guy and I never witnessed an A & M loss to Texas during our combined six years at the university).  Though in the recent past the game was played on the Friday after Thanksgiving, we celebrated this year’s return to its rightful place on the actual day.

A & M had no business giving the number three-ranked Texas any game at all.  That didn’t keep them from making it completely exciting to watch tonight, right up until the end when a kickoff return by them and a missed field goal by us put the writing on the wall.

It was a hard loss but a great glimpse of the future considering the Aggie team has more underclassmen playing that more experienced players. We’re coming back, and I have a feeling Texas will be a little more nervous next year!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  More on the non-football events of the day tomorrow.


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