The Good Life

After semi-successfully dealing with a minor work crisis this morning (at least I got to deal with it in my pajamas while tucked into my warm bed), I recommitted myself to enjoying my day off.  A day off that involved packing up the family and driving five hours to my parents’ house, but a day off none the less.

By noon we had the Suburban loaded to the gills with a cargo that included the three dogs, three kids, two rather stressed parents, two pecan pies, and a frozen sweet potato casserole.  I turned the key to back out of the garage.  And nothing happened.  Nothing.

Fortunately, Adventure Guy is handy with the jumper cables and quickly came to the rescue.  Since I’ve been driving DD1’s car until she takes it over from me in January, the Suburban hasn’t gotten much use lately.  I breathed easier once it started again after dropping the dogs at the kennel, and it ran fine the rest of the way.  Another crisis averted.

We made good time on our trip, listening to a book on tape while the kids watched videos.  We even made it to our favorite Tex-Mex place for dinner tonight, and Adventure Guy got a wireless router set up so we won’t be laptop deprived.  Now I’m stuffed and getting ready for some movie viewing with the extended family.

Life is good.


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