Vampires, And Werewolves, And Popcorn, Oh My!

“Why do we keep doing this?”

That was the question one of my friends asked just as the last strains of the overwrought music ebbed away at the close of New Moon.  I have a feeling that we laughed a little more than the director intended during the somewhat overlong sequel to Twilight.

If you’re looking for teenage angst (and don’t happen to have it living conveniently right in your own home), New Moon is the film for you.  Bella Swan mopes for months (albeit quickly in a revolving sequence of shots that demonstrate the passage of time) after Edward leaves her “for her own good.”

She’s so distraught that she first misses and then ignores the completely hot (um, literally as well as figuratively) Jacob who would be happy to step into Edward’s shoes.  I’ll admit that I leaned toward “Team Jacob” even in the book and certainly do in the movie.

Yes, I read all the Twilight books.  I couldn’t put them down once I picked up the first one to find out just what all the girls were talking about.  DD1 and I raced through the series as the subsequent books came out.  And, while they are nowhere close to great literature, I’ll admit I loved the experience of discovering a secret world deep in the forests of Washington. 

But for me, the magic doesn’t translate to the silver screen.  Curled up in the comfort of my own bed, I could ignore the sappiness and immerse myself in a world of sparkly vampires fighting to protect those they loved.  But in the dark of the theater, the makeup, the special effects seemed to distract rather than add to the allure of the characters.

Stephenie Myer has been vague regarding whether or not there will be a fifth installment to the Twilight saga.  I don’t need Alice Cullen’s skill of seeing the future to know that if one is published I’ll be reading it (and likely buying at midnight on the night of the release), though I draw the line at wearing either a Team Edward or Team Jacob shirt while doing so.  But I’m not so sure I’ll be seeing future installments at the theater.  Because it just doesn’t live up to what I saw the first time around in my very own mind.


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  1. I did read this post, but I haven’t read the Twilight books or seen the movie. And I don’t intend to do so.

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