Fashion Forward

As those of you who follow me on F@cebook may recall, DD1 recently pointed out that she’s not normally embarrassed to be seen with me.  And, yes, I did take that as the compliment she evidently intended it to be.

Not content to leave well enough alone, I also had to ask exactly what action or lack there of led to her willingness to acknowledge my presence in public from time to time. And, I’ll admit I liked her answer.

“Well, you don’t try to dress like you’re still my age and look stupid, but you also don’t dress frumpy and wear mom jeans and stuff.”

My work here is done.

Except that it isn’t because I struggle to maintain that balance.  On the work front, I don’t find it challenging at all to dress appropriately.  I’ve developed a nice mix of clothes that serve my needs from suits to more casual pants and sweater sets.  Thanks to my days as a high school principal, I even have work-appropriate formal wear–hey, never let it be said that I spent eight years in my thirties going to prom and homecoming for nothing.

It’s the casual wear that presents more of a challenge. What’s the line between looking fashionable and looking as if you’re trying to relive your youth? Between looking frumpy and showing too much in the way of cleavage–and worry about that comes from both ends these days thanks to current shirt and jean styles. 

I find myself looking to my daughters more and more to help me make those calls.  The look on DD2’s face the other day when I tried on DD1’s Ugg boots was priceless.  Let’s just say I opted for a different shoe choice.

I’ve also found the TLC show What Not To Wear informative and helpful. Though I’m not likely to qualify for a makeover or the handy $5,000 shopping spree that goes along with it any time soon, I have picked up lots of fit tips as well as ideas for looking fashionable and age appropriate from the show.   My goal–achieve that famous “mom on the go” look for my weekends.  Lately, the key to that for me has been layering with t-shirts, camis, and casual jackets or wraps.  Somehow that extra step makes all the difference in creating a pulled together look.

And, as long as DDs 1 and 2 are willing to hang out with me, I figure I’m on the right track.

What are your fashion challenges?  How has your look changed over the years?  Any items you’d refuse to relinquish in a total closet clean out?



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2 responses to “Fashion Forward

  1. oldbluesocks

    I feel like a walking fashion challenge. I am admittedly in a bit of a fashion rut. My closet is in real need of a purge but I fear having little left, other than a bit of work stuff. And I’ve noticed even that is showing some wear.

    What are your tips for look fashionable and age appropriate? Care to share?

    • LSM

      Well, I certainly can’t say I’ve mastered it flawlessly, but I think the secret to age-appropriate but fashionable is to do some of the trends but to keep the look classic over all. Like, I bought some pewter shoes because that metallic seems in right now. I also have a pair of jeans that are one of the designer brands with a little edgier cut, but I put them with something that’s not going to reveal too much cleavage or midriff. That sort of thing. Also the use of jackets with casual wear helps for a pulled together look. Finally, if all else fails, I ask the 15 and 13 year olds what they think!

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