Tick Tock

In reviewing my recent actions, I have failed to come up with anything that would explain why my karmic fate of late seems to involve long waits in various doctors’ offices.

Initially when I scheduled my recent follow-up with the breast specialist, I was thrilled to find she held late office hours on Tuesdays.  I scheduled a 5:45 p.m. appointment, which let me avoid taking time off from work.  I was less thrilled when I walked out of the office at 7:30, having sat in the waiting room from 5:30 until 7:15 for my fifteen minutes of time with the doctor.  The good news–everything looks clear from my recent tests.  I chose to focus on that rather than the wait, which I’ll admit is the exception rather than the rule in that office.

That appointment had been scheduled for a while, but it ended up immediately preceding the well check-up I finally remembered to schedule for DD2.  Considering she’s been thirteen since August, I figured it was about time.  My plan involved picking her up around lunch time and delivering her back to school in time for her dance squad practice and me back to the office in time for a two o’clock meeting.  That plan worked really well, right up until we sat first in the waiting room and then in the exam room for over an hour. 

And that wait led to the reason for today’s wait.  The pediatrician thought she heard a heart murmur during the exam–one which no one has ever picked up before.  She referred us to pediatric cardiology as a precaution.  Fortunately, when I called, they had an available appointment this afternoon for the echocardiogram she needed.  Unfortunately, when we arrived, they had no record of our making the appointment.

To the practice’s credit, they handled the unexpected turn of events well and worked us in.  But being worked in is never fast.  An hour later, we finally entered the exam room.  The technician did a wonderful job with DD2, showing her some cool things about her heart and expressing admiration at her 57 bpm heart rate (I’d love to claim responsibility for that one, but it’s all Adventure Guy).  We’ll have the results on Wednesday, but I’m feeling pretty good from the general tone of the exam.

Next week’s goal?  Avoid doctors’ offices at all costs!


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