It’s That Time Of The Month

Yes, that’s right–it’s November shoe of the month time.  I have to admit I am totally enjoying my monthly shoe gift certificate.  I waited a bit longer than usual to make my purchase this month just because we’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to run by and pick something out.

But this month, I put my purchasing power to good use and managed to snag both a new pair for me and (shhhh…) some rain boots the girls have been wanting for Christmas.  The gift certificate didn’t cover the whole purchase, but it put quite a dent in it.



DD1's Boots


DD2's Boots


My Shoes

 Adventure Guy is enjoying my excitement about these monthly purchases.  He even gets credit for initially spotting what a great deal the charity auction item I won was and encouraging me to bid.  Tonight he definitely got bonus good husband points when I showed him the latest acquisition.

Adventure Guy: “I like those, but they look like the other animal print pair you have.”

LSM: “Well, these are brown and white giraffe print, and those are black and white zebra print.”

Adventure Guy: “Oh, I get it.  That is totally different.”

See why I love that man?





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2 responses to “It’s That Time Of The Month

  1. Squib

    He is a good man, he knows exactly how to respond because brown and white giraffe print is different than black and white zebra print, but a lot of men might not admit it. 🙂

  2. Girlfriend, it is all about the shoes. I love those rainboots and the little animal-print flats. “Shoe of the Month Club”? Fabulous!

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