I’ve Got A Question

Dear Readers,

For those of you reading this through a reader rather than by clicking through to the blog…do you see the entire post or just an excerpt?  I’m curious about feed settings since I can read some blogs completely from my Google reader and others I need to click through to the actual site for the full post.

So, let me know.  And, if you’re a WordPress user, let me know where those settings are.  Inquiring minds want to know.





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8 responses to “I’ve Got A Question

  1. I read you through Google reader and I see the entire post, which is my favorite way to see things. If you want to change you settings for your feed in wordpress, go to your dashboard page and roll over the settings icon on the bar on the right (it’s the last one) and click on reading. About halfway down the page that opens is a radio button where it says, “For each article in a feed, show.” For full post, the “full text” should be clicked. Summary will get you the first few lines only. You can also choose whether to have the number of comments visible in the feed and a few other things in the checkboxes below it, so have a look at those as well. Good luck!

    • LSM

      It’s my favorite way to read as well. More efficient, plus it allows me to take advantage of the rare free moments at work (like lunch) to read. The full sites are blocked.

  2. I can see your full post and I much prefer it that way (I also use Reader.) The sites which don’t allow for a full post kinda annoy me… I’ve never worked out why some sites prefer you not see the whole thing, unless if they are getting paid per visit and a visit via a reader does not count?


  3. Rachel

    Also Google reader, and also the whole post.

  4. Virginia

    I can see your full post in Google Reader. Have to click through to get to comments, though.

  5. Same as above and it REALLY bothers me when others blogs only show a partial feed!! Funny because I am reading on my lunch right now and two of them came up with the partials and…I didn’t click through because I don’t have the time and I wondered if those blog owners even know?

    Thanks for asking and I am glad someone gave those directions.

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  7. I read your blog through Google Reader, and I see the entire post, including any images. However, when I read Sock Girl’s blog, only part of the post comes through. Curiouser and curiouser.

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