Sleep Is A Many Splendored Thing

After a very rough day yesterday–I learned of a death in the family and had a work crisis that led to my not arriving home until 7:30 p.m.–Adventure Guy took pity on me and took my volunteer shift at the cross country team’s half-marathon fund raiser this morning.  DD1 had to be there at 6:30 a.m. to volunteer, and my scheduled duties included serving as a course marshall and manning a water stop. Adventure Guy planned to run but hadn’t registered, so he stepped in for me instead.

I barely even heard them leave and snoozed on until the phone rang at 7:15 a.m.  Yes, 7:15 a.m.  Anyone who knows me well, knows I love to sleep.  Maybe I’ll outgrow it at some point, but I can still easily sleep until noon on the rare weekend day I have no other commitments.

I. Was. Not. Happy. when I looked at the clock and then crawled to the other side of the bed to answer.  It was my brother-in-law, father of small children who wake up early, calling to find out if Soccer Boy still wanted to go along to his cousin’s game.  Yes, he did (which is why we arranged for him to be picked up last night).  Yes, I would have him ready at 8:30.  Why, oh why was it necessary to call an hour and fifteen minutes prior to an already arranged pick up?

I checked on Soccer Boy, confirmed he was up and tried to go back to sleep.  The dog had other ideas and squirmed around until I got up and let him out.  Minutes later my mother-in-law called to ask if Soccer Boy was going to the game.  Yes.  Was he ready?  Yes.  Evidently plans had changed and she was now picking him up.  Fine.  He’s ready.

Once again, I attempted to return to sleep.  No luck. I’d already started running through all that should be done.  But it was the third call that did me in–a robocall in our local mayoral election scheduled for Tuesday.  I gave up, showered and ran some errands.  I even have my house straightened and the laundry going.  But I’m bitter.  Very bitter.



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2 responses to “Sleep Is A Many Splendored Thing

  1. To paraphrase that old saying … “If mama ain’t sleeping, nobody’s happy.” Sorry to hear about your loss and work troubles. I hope you have a good, long rest tonight. I’m going to bed now myself. Zzzzz.

  2. oldbluesocks

    I am sorry to hear about all your troubles.

    I’d be bitter about the interrupted sleep thing too.

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