Why I Love My DVR

A few years ago, the DVR changed my life.  No, really.  With a crazy schedule, before the advent of the DVR, I found I often missed the shows I wanted to watch and found myself watching drivel during the limited time I had for television viewing.   

I remember telling Best Friend that Adventure Guy had bought me a DVR for my birthday back in 2005.  She laughed and said, “Oh, something for him.” I told her that I’d begged for it.  Not only do I get to watch exactly what I want to watch when I want to watch it, but I also get to fast forward through commercials.  What could be better?

I’ve added a few shows to my Fall recording lineup.  Adventure Guy and I both really enjoy Flash Forward.  If you haven’t tuned in, I suggest catching up online and then tuning in.  The premise is that everyone on earth blacks out simultaneously, and while they are out, they see their futures–or lack thereof.  The show tracks the investigation into what happened and shows the repercussions of seeing the future.  It’s intriguing and well-acted.

Another new show I only recently tuned into is The Good Wife.  It stars  Julianna Margulies, an actress I’ve like since her stint on ER.  I’m catching up on what’s happened since the pilot during the current repeat episodes, and the series has drawn me in with the story of Alicia Florrick, an attorney who returns to work following her politician husband’s fall from grace in a sex scandal.

And, how can I not mention Glee?  I love this show.  And I shouldn’t.  Having worked in high schools for years, watching this show takes a substantial amount of “willing suspension of disbelief” on my part.  Cause I know that cheerleaders don’t wear their uniforms each and every day to high school.  And glee club teachers don’t get to dirty dance with their classes to inappropriate songs.  Nor do football teams kick extra points and field goals using choreographed moves accompanied by “All The Single Ladies.” But those little details don’t detract at all from the sheer fun of this show.  And Jane Lynch (Best in Show) as Sue Sylvester is not to be missed.

So, what shows are must-sees in your Fall lineup?



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4 responses to “Why I Love My DVR

  1. Glee is the one and only. And it’s the first show I’ve watched regularly for several years. I’ve caught part of one episode of Modern Family and thought it seemed fairly smart. But I haven’t seen enough to say for sure and I haven’t gotten the chance to see it again. Glee, though, is currently the only show already programmed in my brand new DVR.

  2. Rachel

    I watch The Big Bang Theory with Laura. That’s the only one that’s got me hooked.

  3. lewis1212

    We are enjoying all of those as well. Plus Modern Family. Its a truly well-done 1/2 hour comedy…..not many of those around anymore.

  4. Virginia

    I have an inexplicable attraction to teen-oriented shows, and right now I’m stuck on “Vampire Diaries” and “Gossip Girl.” Even though I’m a vampire fan, I didn’t expect to like “Vampire Diaries” — my spouse described the first episode as “Dawson’s Creek with vampires,” and he was right on. But the plot is moving along at a good clip, there’s some decent humor in it, and the young actors are talented and fun to watch. And last summer, I enjoyed the dark humor of Edie Falco in “Nurse Jackie,” although I confess I haven’t yet caught up on the last few episodes. I want to like “Glee,” but I’m having a hard time with it. Jane Lynch is just so brilliant at being awful that I find her hard to watch.

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