A Night In The Big City

Last night’s conversation here in Suburbia went something like this…

Adventure Guy: Now where are you going tomorrow night?

LSM:  To dinner with some friends and then to hear The Pioneer Woman talk about her new cookbook.

Adventure Guy:  Now, remind me again about The Pioneer Woman.

LSM:  You know, she lives on a ranch and blogs about it.

Adventure Guy:  Well, you blog.  How come you don’t have a cookbook deal?

LSM:  Well, I don’t have millions of readers every month.

Adventure Guy:  So, how many do you normally have?

LSM:  mumble, mumble, mumble…not millions.

Adventure Guy:  What do you think you could do to get your totals up?

LSM:  You could wear chaps and let me take pictures.  That seems to be a real draw.

Adventure Guy:  Maybe you don’t need more readers afterall.

So now you know what’s standing between me and millions of readers.  But tonight I managed to put aside the bitterness brought on by the prospect of never seeing Adventure Guy in chaps long and instead comforted myself with an evening out with friends. After a good dinner and a better pomegranite martini, we squeezed our way in to hear The Pioneer Woman personally–if not so “up close” thanks to the standing-room-only crowd.

Though I’ve been blogging for several years, I’ll admit tonight’s event marked the first time I’d ever met a blogger I’d not known previously.  After a brief introduction from the event organizer, Ree answer questions from the audience and introduced friends and family members in attendance, including her brother Mike, sister Betsy, and yes, even Marlboro Man (sadly,  he was not wearing chaps).

It must be a bit strange to stand up in front of a room filled with people who know all about you and your life.  One of the comments alluded to Marlboro Man’s disinclination to have chickens on the ranch; another asked what Ree was doing in that smoky bar the night she met her husband-to-be.  Someone asked her where she bought her sushi. And Ree answered every one of those questions with the openness and spirit of fun that comes across so clearly on her site. 

Maybe it’s not just the chaps that account for those millions of readers!


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One response to “A Night In The Big City

  1. Darci

    Thanks for introducing me to the Pioneer Woman. I just spent way too long on her site…… 😀

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