Falling Into Fall

Everywhere I look–whether it’s out my kitchen window or on my drive home from work–the trees are putting on an amazing show, making it  hard to deny that Fall has arrived full-force in Suburbia.    But it’s taken me longer than usual to get in the mood for the season this year.

Though I managed to put out some of my inside decorations about a month ago, I’d done none of my usual outside decorating until this weekend.  I’m also afraid that Soccer Boy is suffering the consequences of being the third child and only remaining trick-or-treater in the family since he and Adventure Guy are just now out shopping for a costume.  And to think, I used to spend hours months ahead of time preparing costumes in the past.

But those trees simply could not be denied.  In addition to creating this year’s version of the pumpkin topiary and adding some mums to my outside pots, I’m now making one of my favorite fall treats:  Autumn Mix.  It’s easy and yummy, and I highly recommend it for your fall enjoyment!

Fall Topiary

Fall Topiary

Couldn't Resist These Mums

Couldn't Resist These Mums


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