Miraculously, Adventure Guy and I both survived a full week without Internet or email.  We even did so willingly and without much gnashing of teeth.  Though I exhibited a few signs of withdrawal, I found myself exceedingly happy with my ability to relax without any need to keep up with the minute-to-minute happenings at work as well as the lack of competition with the computer for Adventure Guy’s attention. 

S0, what did we do while we weren’t glued to a computer screen?  We learned how to Snuba in Grand Cayman, swam with dolphins in Cozumel, climbed Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica, spent a lot of time lolling around the pool, and introduced our children to gambling by way of Bingo (and they won!). I even managed to take a little time out of my reading schedule to get a massage.

Sign in above for the photographic evidence!


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  1. Snuba? Sounds like a great vacation!

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