Laughing In The Storm

As much as I love the first amendment, this week I truly hate the press.  And as much as I hate the press, I’m dumbfounded by the lack of intelligence, reasoning ability, and basic grammar skills of the average online commenter at our local paper’s website.  It’s been all scandal, all the time, and, unfortunately, some of our district’s employees sit at the center of that scandal.

And, for reasons of anonymity, that’s all I have to say about that.

But what I will say is that today brought some much needed reminders of just how great the people I work with and the district itself really are.  I spent the first half of the day conducting focus groups with employees and principals as part of a research study on high-performing districts.  The visiting professor had some interesting insights for us and some nice compliments.  But beyond those nice words, it was the obvious camaraderie of the groups, the dedication to hard work and the pursuit of excellence that made me proud to be a part of All-American Public Schools.  It helped me see these current difficulties as the bump in the road they are, a challenge that will be overcome.

And then this afternoon I spent a couple of hours laughing.  By the time our three o’clock meeting came around, the four ladies holed up in the conference room with me were ready to blow off some steam.  Yes, we did get our work done, but we did it in between frequent bursts of laughter and far afield conversation.  And it felt good.  Really good.  For the first time in way too long.


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