As I mentioned in my earlier post, this weekend’s Homecoming activities had me thinking about my own high school experiences.  And, in the midst of all the running to and fro over the past few days, I received via Facebook a couple more excuses to relive my youth.  The most interesting one was a link to a video of our band’s district marching contest performance.  This was from my sophomore year, which played nicely into the whole nostalgia theme since that means I was the same age as DD1 at the time. 

If I do say so myself, we were just as good as I remembered!  And, since Adventure Guy is tired of hearing that and of listening to marches, I thought I’d share it with you.

Excuse the film quality.  It’s a little rough at times and there are some sound gaps.  The better to make me feel old, I guess. But it’s hard to feel old when I swear there are still parts of that drill I could do in my sleep.  It seems like only yesterday!


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  1. Love the video! You’re never too old. I’m heading back this weekend to march in the Alumni Band at my college alma mater, and try to pretend I’m 22 again. I think could still do a couple of those half time shows in my sleep too.

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