September Shoes of the Month

At one point today I looked at one of my coworkers and asked, “Does anything actually work the way it’s supposed to around here anymore?”

It was a bad day.  In a bad week.  In a bad month.  In what’s shaping up to be a bad school year.  As a typically optimistic person, I’ve told myself for weeks now that things were bound to get better.  Now?  I’m not so sure.  I seem to be in a constant state of too much to do with too little time to do it.  All around me, others also seem in need of being talked down from the edge.  But somehow company is not lessening my misery.

So tonight, I did what any reasonable person would.  First I went shoe shopping (courtesy of my excellent deal at a recent charity auction where I purchased a year’s worth of monthly shoe gift certificates), and then I went out for Mexican food with my lovely husband who knows when to buy a girl a top shelf margarita.

Year of Shoes Purchase Number One

Year of Shoes Purchase Number One



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4 responses to “September Shoes of the Month

  1. YourSister

    I like the shoes! Hope things start getting better.

  2. Darci

    Those are just too cute!! I want a pair. 😀

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