Thougyh it may seem as if I’ve abandoned my blog, I’ve simply taken a break.  A break where I focused on life in the hard, cold, physical world.  A world where young mothers die from cancer.  A world where things have to be done and arrangements made, sometimes without benefit of commentary.

Tonight, after an absolutely beautiful, inspiring memorial service at our packed church, my family and I went out for pizza and raised our glasses to a friend, mother, and coach who will be dearly missed.  And as we did, as I looked around the table at my children and husband and all I’m blessed with in life, the healing began.  For them.  For me.

It was a long, well-fought journey my friend travelled on.  I’m thankful that I knew her and even more thankful for what she taught me–life, for however long we have it, is for living, for loving, and for doing.  I can’t think of a better tribute than that.


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