And We’re Off!

Though it seems impossible, today dawned bright and way, way, early for a certain group of children who’ve been staying up far too late all summer.  Yes, it’s the first day of school! 

DD1 started her sophomore year.  I can no longer live in denial regarding the fact that I am the parent of a high school student.  Last year’s stay at the freshman campus put off that inevitability for a bit, but that’s all over now.  Fortunately, she had several classes at the high school last year, so it wasn’t a completely new experience for her.  She reported no challenges in finding her classes.

DD2 returns to her middle school campus as one of the big kids.  Yes, 8th grade is upon us.  I am very fortunate to report that there has been only one year in my children’s school experiences that has been completely disappointing to me.  That year was DD1’s 8th grade year.  DD2 has a different set of teachers, and I am quite hopeful that history will not repeat itself.  However, though I can change teachers, I’m not sure I can change the hormonal mood swings that seem to come with the territory of 13-year-old girls.  Time will tell.

Soccer Boy also starts a new school this year.  Our district has intermediate schools for 5th and 6th graders, complete with a few more perks than he was used to at elementary school.  He gleefully reported that the school cafeteria now offers slushees and that they get to pick a la carte items as well as the school lunch.  I think I’ll hold off on cluing him in to the fact that those slushes are actually fruit juice and relatively good for him!  In addition to wider range in the cafeteria, 5th grade brings changing classes for the first time.  He’ll have two core teachers as well as the additional teachers for art, music, and P.E.

And I survived too.  The first day of any year always brings challenges along with the excitement.  Enrollment issues, transportation delays, increased parent drop-off and pick-up traffic are all a part of the first-day routine.  But in the midst of all that, I also made it to all five of the elementary schools I’m directly responsible for and a few of our secondary school sites as well. Seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces makes all the other things seem minor in comparison.

It’s going to be a good year.


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  1. Good for you slushies?? I want one!

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