When Summer’s Gone, Where Will We Be?

How can it be 100 degrees outside when summer is officially over? After a very cool July, we’re experiencing plenty of heat here in Suburbia just in time for school to start this week. Lazing around the pool and reading under the fan will have to be relegated solely to the weekend from here on out.

But, I’m honestly looking forward to getting back into the routine of school. This summer had a strange quality to it. I took more time off than I have in past years–with our trip to Arizona, picking the kids up from camp, and spending Fridays with the kids so we’d have long weekends in July.  But somehow, things seemed busier and less settled than usual. 

I kept waiting for the slow period to hit at work, but it never did.  And, now, Monday brings our traditional back-to-school kickoff celebration.  New teachers reported last week, and I’m excited by what a strong group of new hires we have this year. I visited several of the training sessions during the week to get to meet them in small groups, and spent Thursday morning conducting a session for all new hires.  We’ve also completed a number of remodeling projects in our district over the summer, and I’ve loved being there for each of the “reveals” to staff.

On the home front, both DD1 and DD2 picked up their schedules last week.  I’ve finally figured out the system at the middle school, now that I’m in my fourth year of having a child there.  We navigated the maze of stations and lines in less than an hour using the “you wait in line here while I go fill out that/pay for this” system.  DD2 feels a lot more confident about getting around this year, since it’s her second year to attend.  DD1 on the other hand will be officially moving up to high school.  In our district we have a separate 9th grade building, so this is her first year at the main high school.  Fortunately, I’m well-versed in that registration system, having worked there for nine years. The strangest part of walking her schedule was showing her her history class–which will be held in the classroom I used when I taught U. S. History.  Back when DD1 was three and four years old.  How did this happen?

Soccer Boy finds out about his teacher and gets to meet her on Tuesday.  He’ll be moving to a new school as well this year and is looking forward to changing classes now that he’ll be at intermediate school rather than elementary.  We’re going up to explore a bit this afternoon to get him more familiar with where everything is around his new digs.

And, then, there’s Thursday–the first day of school for 2009-2010.  Wow!


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