The Depths of Summer

Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.  ~Sam Keen

According to Keen, we’ve reached the height of respectability here in Suburbia.    June seemed to be a whirlwind of activity, what with the kids playing their hearts out at camp and the grownups taking advantage of the time to do some travelling.  It’s amazing how vacationing can be taxing in itself. 

But now we’ve gotten into the summer at home groove. The kids hang out at the neighborhood pool, ride their bikes, chase the occasional ice cream truck, and, in the case of Soccer Boy, launch epic Nerf battles with the neighborhood boys. Throw in a few activities here and there, like Golf and Tennis day camp for Soccer Boy, cross country practice and SAT prep for DD1, and dance technique class for DD2, along with a lovely lack of scheduled weekend activities, and we’ve found a nice balance.

But in the midst of our laziness, DD1 is marking the days until she receives her learner’s permit (6 and counting, for the record), and DD2 has an important countdown of her own going as she awaits the day she’ll officially make me the mother of two teenagers (11 and counting, again for the record). That gives us a buzz of excitement around here that will take us right on into the school year, which begins August 13.

My goal is to hold tight to the relaxed frame of mind as my work schedule picks up between now and the first of August.  To help do so, I take three-day weekends during the month of July.  It’s amazing what that extra day does in the realm of keeping up with the general household chores and duties.  I found myself with time this weekend to read, hang out at the pool, and make The Pioneer Woman’s fabulous home made Blackberry ice cream.  I managed to savor that last activity right on into tonight when I finished the last bite.  And, with that in mind, it’s likely a good thing that my summer schedule also includes a renewed dedication to my work at the gym!


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