For Worse

So, of course, you know where this is going already, right?  When I said, “This week has no where to go but up,” in last night’s post.  You guessed it.  I was very wrong.

Mostly, today went well.  I did a lot of early morning running to and fro taking DD1 to cross country practice–ending up getting up early and still ending up late into work because of it.  But things smoothed out, and I even avoided a mid-day carpooling jaunt when Adventure Guy took care of getting the girls to their various commitments.

So, I took care of business, ran out to take advantage of Sonic happy hour around two, and then stopped by the store to pick up steaks on my way home.  I was set to enjoy a nice relaxing evening with Adventure Guy and Soccer Boy just as soon as I dropped off the girls at their respective pool parties.

Just. one. problem.  My “low fuel” light had been on since morning.  I really didn’t think much about it because I just filled up over the weekend.  I figured I’d grab some gas in between party stops.  Seems I’d forgotten one little detail–Sunday’s trip to pick up Soccer Boy.  I was running way lower than I imagined, right up until I completely ran out of gas before I could make it to the station.

As usual when faced with an emergency, I phoned Adventure Guy.  He showed up about ten minutes later, gas tank in hand.  My knight in shorts and a t-shirt!  Except the car still didn’t start.  We spent the next hour waiting for roadside service, with quick trips in between to drop the kids off at home and go pick up an loaner car from Adventure Guy’s step-brother.

So now, I have two disappointed, non-party-attending girls and the spectre of a big repair bill if I’ve managed to do damage to the engine somehow.  But I’m not going to say things couldn’t get any worse.  I’ve learned my lesson!

P.S. Adventure Guy?  He’s a saint.  The timing on this little crisis is far from ideal, and he handled the whole thing as well as I could possibly ask.  I owe him.


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