Momma Said There’d Be Weeks Like This

There could be worse ways of dealing with stress than retreating into my room with only the company of my laptop and a bevy of TLC shows on the DVR.  Well, for instance I did watch the latest episode of The Secret Life of The American Teenager–a show that becomes more of a train wreck the longer it goes on.  Oh, and I’m seriously considering digging out the Chubby Hubby ice cream I’ve got stashed in the freezer.

It’s hard to believe it’s only Tuesday.  At the risk of cursing myself, I figure this week has nowhere to go but up.  Monday started out at 3:30 a.m. when I woke up to a very, very, quiet and dark room.  This would have been a positive if those conditions hadn’t resulted from a lack of motion from the ceiling fan and dearth of light coming through the windows from the street lights.  Yes, in the middle of the summer with no discernible storms or other act of God, we lost power. For four hours.  Need I mention that the low temperature that night was around 90 degrees?  Nothing like waking up bathed in sweat.  Sexy!

I never did get back to sleep in a significant way that morning, which led to the cancellation of my gym appointment (too exhausted and, oh, yes, also still trapped in my garage due to my electric garage door opener and my lack of willingness to wake Adventure Guy to bust me out).  It also led to one cranky LSM when I worked straight through the day on on into the evening at our monthly school board meeting.  A meeting complete with much more drama than usual.  Fun times.

Today looked a little better, even though I spent most of it running from one meeting to another.  Unfortunately, the last meeting of the day proved to be far from pleasant.  My only comment regarding that is actually a suggestion.  Tempted to tell employees at your local school that they must do what you want because you pay taxes and therefore their salaries?  Just don’t.  It’s pretty much a guarantee that this comment will at the very least annoy them.  Also, it’s unlikely to actually make them want to do what you’ve asked.  Or, as in the case I had to deal with today, they will do what you want because it’s the right thing to do but they will hate themselves a little for helping you prove your point.

But then I got to move out of self-hatred right on into the strong dislike zone when I learned of my father-in-law’s latest escapades in making his son feel like dirt.  He’s really excellent at it.  After years of witnessing the dynamic of Adventure Guy’s relationship with his father, I’ve given up on encouraging AG to be the bigger person.  He’s tried.  Now, I just try not to get in the way or make things any worse.  Unfortunately, this time, I feel like I played a bit of a role in the latest drama.  Totally unintentionally, but nonetheless, this turn of events didn’t add anything positive to this week’s trend.

Fortunately, my mood improved vastly when I arrived home.  Despite a pretty challenging week of his own, Adventure Guy took time to talk me down from the ledge and gave me some excellent advice as well.  I’d planned ahead enough to have a chicken pot pie thawed and ready to pop in the oven, so the only dinner prep necessary involved putting together a salad.  It’s great to have the kids home and gathered around the table again after their time at camp.  We had a really nice meal before they took off to wait in line for the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie.

I’d passed on the opportunity to join them when they bought tickets Sunday night since I just don’t function well without enough sleep.  I don’t always listen to my intuition, but something told me I’d need clarity this week.  So now, while I’m sorry I’m missing opening night, I’m thoroughly enjoying the quiet house.  That and the ability to eat ice cream unobserved!

And yes, surely tomorrow will be a better day.  I’ve earned it.


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